Your Site Plan for GFNY Marathon Florida Sebring

We’re nearing race day! I hope you’re well-trained and feeling excited to race the first GFNY marathon. To help you be as prepared as you possibly can for the marathon, we have created a site plan for you. Please check out the site plan and other useful information below.

Site Plan

Getting There on Race Morning

The fastest way to access the GFNY Marathon Sebring parking & start area, is from US-98. Kenilworth Boulevard will be closed for your race, so plan your getting to the start route via US-98. From US-98 turn north into Madrid Drive. Continue on Madrid Dr past Castile Rd on a short unpaved section and through an open gate and continue north on Madrid Dr. Go straight / north on Madrid Dr until you see the entrance into the parking lot. To optimize the parking space, park double file.

Starting in the dark

We made the start time as early as possible, so you get to enjoy running in the cooler temps before the sun rises. The start time is at 6:45am, with a civil twilight at 7:07am and sunrise at 7:31am.

Bring a head lamp for race morning for while you get ready in your car. We will have light towers at the start corrals and the race track has lights that will light the route. The sun will rise while you exit the track and tackle the rest of the run course.