GFNY Ambassador Story – Nick Castellano

Meet the GFNY Ambassadors – GFNY Florida Sebring Marathon

We’re getting ready for  GFNY Florida Sebring Marathon on October 24, 2021!

While we are preparing for this race – which is the first marathon in our GFNY Endurance Sports Series – many of our ambassadors are in full preparation mode with us, so that they are in their best shape and are ready to Be A Pro for A Day by the time race day rolls around.

One of our GFNY Florida Sebring Marathon ambassadors is Nick Castellano. Read the breakdown of his amazing preparation below:

“Since my back/L-hip surgery, my training is a bit unorthodox as
marathon training goes.
Wake up 7 am drink a 8oz. glass of water (hydrate) each day.
I mix up my training into 3 disciplines since I come from a triathlon back ground. Main thing I focus on is cardiovascular fitness, hip strengthening and core work. Since the force travels up from the ground it’s vital to be strong at the hips!!
Monday-Wednesday-Friday am start with stretching then correct exercise to get the hip muscles firing for running and cycling.
My runs are all base building and the impact from running is light where I jog/walk to build bone and connective tissue strength in the attaching muscles used for running.
Sometime in the afternoon and on Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday are cycling days. Where I use climbing in big gears and hills (interval) training. This allows me to build leg and core strength for running which is low impact on the joints. I do these intervals 2x a wk with a day or 2 days in between allowing for recovery. I also ride flat with a high cadence of 95-105 rpm. This help with leg turn over time for running.
I also started swimming again to give my body rest days from the impact of runs and cycling. This works my core and allows me to build and maintain fitness.
There’s still a good 3 months out from the GFNY Sebring marathon. So, the focus is building strength and fitness. Time is important to train smart and well.

Look out for me on the race course, I’ll be wearing the GFNY shirt
– Nick Castellano
GFNY Marathon Florida Sebring ambassador Nick is working hard and looking forward towards his marathon on October 24, 2021.
Register today and join Nick at the starting line!

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